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Learn about and Fight Spyware

Last Updated: 2/12/18

Q: What is Spyware and how do I fight it?
A: Spyware is software that installs or runs on your system without your permission. Mild spyware simple does things like watching all the sites you go to and then sending that info to an advertising company. Really bad spyware can hijack your computer and stop you from doing anything it doesn't want you to do. Such as going to an Anti-Spyware website, going to an Anti-Virus website, looking at your startup programs, deleting files, changing your homepage, etc... many spywares install themselves without your knowledge. Possible things that spyware does: monitor you, steal person info, steal credit card numbers, slow your computer down, hijack your homepage, destroy other programs, destroy anti-virus programs, open your computer up for an attack, etc..

One of the most important things you can do to stop spyware is to start using an alternate browser to Internet Explorer. Using a browser that is not Internet Explorer / Edge will prevent spyware, because most spyware sneaks into your system through security wholes in Internet Explorer / Edge. I recommend Google Chrome or Firefox. 

Learn about removing spyware here:


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