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Firefox - The Spyware Solution

Last Updated: 2/15/10

What is Firefox?
Firefox is an internet browser. You may be more familiar with Internet Explorer, which is also an internet browser. Firefox is a new internet browser that is redefining the internet. Currently most people use Internet Explorer and those users have to worry about security and pop-up ads. Firefox fixes all that. Firefox is based off the open source browser Mozilla.

Why Should I use Firefox?
One word......Spyware. Firefox does not contain the many security holes that Internet Explorer does. Spyware infects computers all over the work be slipping through security holes in Internet Explorer. This alone is a great reason to use Firefox, because spyware is such a huge problem. Recent statistics indicate that somewhere between 60%-90% off all Windows computers are infected with spyware. Firefox does not remove spyware, but it does an awesome job at preventing it. If this isn't enough to convince you to use Firefox, then I should mention that Firefox is fast, free, secure, user friendly, and it has a built-in pop-up blocker.

Where can I get plugins for Firefox?
If you use Firefox you don't have to sacrifice features. There are many website that offer free firefox plugins and toolbars. Here is a few:

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