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Should I Switch To Windows Vista?

Last Updated: 9/12/08

Deciding to switch from Windows XP to Windows Vista is not an easy decision and it should not be taken lightly. Therefore I will offer a short answer and a long answer.

Question: Should I Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista?

Short Answer: NO
In my opinion Microsoft Windows Vista has too many bugs that have yet to be fixed and it is incompatible with too may older pieces of software and hardware. Unfortunately most new computers come with Windows Vista and you have no choice. Waiting for Windows 7 to come out may not be a bad idea for people who are current happy with their Windows XP comptuer.

Long Answer: It Depends
If you have lots of money burning wholes in your pockets and you enjoy being on the "bleeding edge" of technology then Microsoft Windows Vista may be right for you. Using Windows Vista without running into lots of error and compatibility problems requires that you throw all your current hardware and software away, thus the reason you must have lots of money.

*** Common Windows Vista Problems ***
  • CD-ROM / CD-RW drive does not work as expected
  • USB Flash Drives / Thumb drives / Other Mass Storage devices don't install or function
  • Computer has random shutdowns
  • Older Scanners and Printers don't function
  • Installing Non-compatible software that can cripple Windows Vista

I have experienced all of these issues with Windows Vista and I am just one person. Image all the Windows Vista problems I don't know about!

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