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Wuauclt - options and parameters

Last Updated: 8/20/10

Here are the options for wuauclt.exe. I pulled these out using a hex editor on the Windows XP SP3 version of the file. For some reason microsoft does not support the help flag "/?" on this program and does not document these at all:


Not all of these parameters responded with a visible result on my computer, but many of them did. Try them yourself to see what they do.

The file version was: 7.4.7600.226 which also matched the file version from a Windows 7 computer. My guess is that the same windows update client is on both versions of windows and that some flags are operating system specific.

Also the internal file version is: 7.4.7600.226 (winmain_wtr_wsus3sp2(wmbla).090806-1834). So maybe both machines have the same version because this is a corporate environment with a WSUS server.

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