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AVG Free Adload_r.AKC trojan Google Redirect Virus Removal Fix

Last Updated: 10/9/10

I recently ran into an infected laptop where I cleaned up a bunch of spyware and viruses and then I installed AVG Free. I ran a scan with AVG free and it immediately found a trojan in memory, adload_r.akc. It had infected explorer.exe and svchost.exe. I could not find any indication of infection anywhere else of with any other antivirus program. After searching the internet and finding lots of people with this virus and NO soltuions I started getting skeptical of ever removing this trojan.

Then I found this article:

How to Remove Google Redirect Virus

The article above points you to the Win32/Olmarik removal tool from It is located on their removal tool page:

Here is the direct link to the removal tool as well:

Running this tool showed that I was infected and it removed the threat in just a few seconds. I rebooted and ran the tool again to confirm the virus was gone. I then ran AVG and no threats were found!! These instructions should also work for adload_r.AKH removal.

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