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Phishers Prefer Fridays and Mondays

Last Updated: 10/20/14

Phishers Prefer Fridays and Mondays
Make sure your employees understand the dangers of phishing emails. Think before you click... especially just before and after the weekend!

According to Websense Security Labs Research, phishers have learned two important things about timing their attacks:
1.    Phishing is most effective when the recipient's guard is down. People are more likely to click on links while relaxing on Friday in anticipation of the weekend, or when Monday morning blues have set in.
2.    Email security measures can be evaded by sending emails with clean links on Friday or over the weekend. After the email has been delivered but before is it expected to be read, the phishers compromise the URL with malicious code, effectively bypassing automated email security measures.

Top phishing days of the week based on Websense July-August 2012 research: Friday (38.5%), Monday (30%), Sunday (10.9%), Thursday (6.5%), Tuesday (5.8%), Wednesday (5.2%), Saturday (3.2%).

What is Scaring Businesses the Most? Spear-phishing. New Websense Security Labs Research - Websense Insights

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