Aida32 Info System
An old version of Aida32 system info program. Works great on XP. Will sometimes crash a machine if the DMI info on the motherboard is not supported.

an old version of XpAntispy to prevent Windows XP from "phoning home" to Microsoft

Batch Temp Cleaner
Batch file for purging all temporary files from a Windows XP machine.

Clear Page File
Clear the windows xp page file.

Deadly Family Maps
WinRar archive of the Deadly Family Map pack for the Game starsiege tribes, or just Tribes.

ExportPrinters .NET
Export Printer information from the registry, useful for printer troubleshooting and migration, requires .NET Framework.

File Indexer
Create a large text file listing all files and their paths.

File Registerer
Register (regsvr32) many dll files in a folder or multiple folders all at one to save time. Troubleshooting tool.

Firewire Drivers
Windows XP SP1 firewire drivers. Should work on other service pack levels too. These are included on the Windows XP disk, but many people can't locate theirs.

Firewire Manual
ViaTech 6306 Firewire manual.

assists with Ghost disk image to Virtual machine.

Hijackthis 1.98.2
old version of hijack this.

HiJackThis 1.99.1
old version of hijackthis. Great for removing spyware, but you must understand what you are seeing.

Malware Instructions
malware removal instructions. maybe?

Motorola V323 USB Driver
USB Driver for Windows XP for Motorola Cell phone V323. Seems to work better than the one on the Motorola disk.

MWAV Cleaner
obsolete program. MWAV use to not remove spyware or viruses unless you paid for it, but the log file showed all threats found. This app would read the log file an delete the threats for you!

NAV 2003 Removeal
norton antivirus 2003 removal tool.

NAV 2004 removal
Norton Antivirus 2004 removal tool. use when uninstall fails.

NAV ALL removal
Remove older versions of Nortan antivirus. removal tool. use when control panel uninstall fails.

Convert an Windows Active Directory domain OU into a security group.

Outlook Exchange Fix
fix an rpc issue with outlook to allow communication with the exchange server.

Disable Windows Messenger integration in Microsoft Outlook XP, 2002, 2003 to speed up application load time.

Remote Support
My remote support utility for helping customers.

Remote Vista Support
customer support file for customers with Windows vista.

Sanyo Katana 6600 Driver
Sanyo Katana 6600 usb driver for putting mp3 files onto your cell phone.

SC UltraVNC Viewer R20
special R20 version of UltraVNC single click. Viewer only.

Services (EXE)
tweak windows xp services

Services (Zip)
tweak windows xp services

Speed XP Batch File
Tweak script for speeding up windows xp. Not applicable to other versions of windows.

UltraVNC SC for remote support without having to open firewall / router ports on your customers computer.

Umax 2100u Driver
Umax 2100u Windows XP twain driver.

Helps locate the hardware IDs of unknown hardware, also has an old copy of the database from to tell you what hardware you need to find a driver for. Designed for Windows XP.

Winfax instructions. I think for unknown issue with Windows XP SP2 breaking the application due to changes by Microsoft with the DCOM configuration.

XpOptimize (VB)
Mostly obsolete now with Windows 7, but was designed to help tweak windows xp services to get more performance on machines with low physical memory (RAM).