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BIND 9 ignoring out-of-zone data

Last Updated: 8/13/15

If you get the error ignoring out-of-zone data when you start your BIND 9 server than you found the right article. There are three possible causes.

1) You are using subdomains and name servers in a way that BIND 8 would allow, but BIND 9 does NOT like. See item 6 here:

2) You have a zone file for a domain and you are listing a record with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for another domain (, which is not allowed.

3) This is the one that I ran into and I think is probably the most common for new bind server setups. A TYPO in your named.conf file for the zone / domain. Example: instead of

4) The user running the bind service does not have access/permission to the zone files.

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