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[Solved] VMware HA Fails after Upgrade to ESXi 4.1

Last Updated: 8/11/10

If your HA won't enable properly on your VMware vSphere ESXi 4.1 host after a recent upgrade, then you are not alone. I am having the same problem.

More Info:  (skip to the bottom if you just want the solution!)

Error Message: Configuration Issues - HA agent on [esx hostname] in cluster [cluster name] has an error : Error while running health check script.

The logs at /var/log/messages from the console show this additional info:

:Invoke]Command to invoke is /opt/vmware/aam/bin/aamPerl /opt/vmware/aam/ha/ -z -shortname=[esx hostname] -uname=VMkernel -cmd=monitornodes -domain=vmware

error 'App'] [VpxaVMAP::Invoke] Command /opt/vmware/aam/bin/aamPerl /opt/vmware/aam/ha/ -z -shortname=[esx hostname] -uname=VMkernel -cmd=monitornodes -domain=vmware failed with error 3

Failure location:  08/11/10 22:08:26 [myexit]   function main::myexit called from line 360
Aug 11 22:08:27  08/11/10 22:08:26 [myexit] VMwareresult=failure 
Total time for script to complete:  0 minute(s) and 0 second(s)

Note: I removed some text from the logs to make it easier to read.

Hopefully, I will have a solution after contacting VMware support later this week.


I figured out a little more. From the logs above you can see that the HA health script that runs every 30 seconds is located at: /opt/vmware/aam/ha/  I have compared that script one two servers, one with HA working and one with HA not working. On the working ESX host the script has a date stamp of 4/13/2010. On the ESX host with broken HA the script has a time stamp of 4/22/2009. All the other files in the folder: /opt/vmware/aam/ha are also 1 year behind the working ESX host. It appears that the 4.1 upgrade must not have installed all the correct HA files.

The next interesting thing, is that I found a script called: at the location of: /opt/vmware/aam. It makes me wonder if I execute the uninstall script and reconfigure HA, will my problems go away? Am I brave enough to find out?


Yep, it does fix the problem. Turn off HA for the cluster, run the uninstall script, and restart services. Here are the commands to fix the issue.

From ESXi 4.1 SSH console: (You can enable SSH from Configuration > Security Profiles > Properties)

./opt/vmware/aam/ stop start

re-enable HA for the cluster and click "reconfigure for VMware HA" if it doesn't do it automatically.

I figured this out by applying the solution from KB Article: 1007234 which solves a different HA issue with the same solution. So if you want more detail, read that article.

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