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Sylvania Portable DVD Player video file format (codec)

Last Updated: 8/20/13

I saw online (and on the amazon product reviews) that many people do not know what format to use for the video files on their SD card that they insert into their Sylvania Portable DVD Player (mine is model SDVD7027).

Video and Audio codec settings:
- Video codec MPEG4 (either MP4v or XVID)
- Audio codec MP3 (CBR) 128 kb/s and 44.1 khz
- File name probably doesn't matter, buy I used .avi

Programs you can use to convert existing video files:
Any Video Converter:

[Update] I thought handbrake would work as well with the right settings (mpeg4/MP3/128/44.1), but I was wrong. I believe the problem is that handbrake only does VBR MP3 and the DVD player wants CBR MP3.

Suggested Settings:
Any Video Converter: Choose the Custom AVI near the bottom of the list on the right drop down box. set size to desired [480x320] (or original size). Video should say XVID and audio MP3. bitrate of 1024 or 2000 should be good. Use bitrate 1024 for smaller, lower quality video files.

The MP3 options of Any Video Converter should be CBR by default, do not change this setting.

*CBR stands for constant bit rate
*VBR stands for variable bit rate

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