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vSphere 6.x and vVols - Make Snapshots Great Again

Last Updated: 1/12/17

What this so that you know why you want vVols to make snapshots great again!

VMworld 2016 USA STO8159 Snapshots Suck How VSAN and VVol fix all your operational nightmares - YouTube

then watch this to see how well vVols are implemented by Nimble

Nimble Storage & VMware Virtual Volumes (VVOL) - With vSphere 6 Demo - YouTube

Other good things to know:

- Put your vCenter on a standard datastore (not vVol). just to be safe and avoid chicken or egg scenarios.
- Upgrading to vSphere 6.x will greatly improve stun, consolidate, and the snapshot experience, but using vVols will make it even better!

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